Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Heart Is A Beast :: Closing Reception :: November 1, 2013 :: Featuring Spoken Word & Soundscape Performances

William Alton

Maya Victorine

Devin "Gatsby" James

Sam Darst

Somebody's Got An Axe To Grind

Gemet Gemet

Dia De Los Muertos
November 1, 2013
My Heart Is A Beast Art Exhibition by Brigette Romaker, Gavin Eveland, and Sheree Corniel
Closing Reception
Free. All Ages.

Spoken Word
William Alton 7:00pm
Maya Victorine 7:30pm
Somebody's Got An Axe To Grind 8:00pm
Devin "Gatsby" James 8:30pm
Sam Darst 9:00pm

Soundscape Music
Gemet Gemet 9:30pm

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Heart Is A Beast Art Exhibiton :: October-November 2013 :: Opening Night Milepost 5 Lofts Gallery

Featuring Artwork by Brigette Romaker, Gavin Eveland, Sheree Corniel

Gavin Eveland

Matt Styner

Devin "Gatsby" James
Hip Hop/Spoken Word

Gemet Gemet

Gemet Gemet, Brigette Romaker

Bryce Jones

Gavin Eveland, Matt Styner

Sheree Corniel, Molly Baum, Alan Conlu


Sleepy Creek
Video Courtesy of Victor Sabula

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Heart Is A Beast :: Milepost 5 :: Friday, October 4, 2013

A Fine Arts Exhibit featuring Brigette Romaker, Gavin Eveland, and Sheree Corniel

Opening Night
Milepost 5
Lofts Gallery
900 NE 81st Avenue, Portland, OR 97213
Friday October 4, 2013

Entire night—all shows Free!

All Ages!

Free Live Performances

Post 5 Theatre & Denizen Gallery
850 NE 81st Avenue #122
(Studios Building)

*The following changes have been made to the live performance lineup:*


Rock by Vaj, 7:00pm (Post 5 Theatre)
Experimental Rock by Sleepy Creek, 7:30pm (Post 5 Theatre)

8:00pm Intermission

Comedy by Matt Styner, 8:30pm (Denizen Gallery: down the hall from the theatre)
Progressive Hip Hop by Devin "Gatsby" James, 9:00pm (Denizen Gallery)
Scatter Hip Hop by KRMSN, 9:30pm (Denizen Gallery)
Experimental Soundscapes by Gemet Gemet, 10:00pm (Denizen Gallery)


Milepost 5 is conveniently located just a few blocks south of the NE 82nd Max stop, Red & Blue Lines. Parking available in the Montavilla neighborhood—particularly on NE Oregon St. and NE 81st Avenue.

Gallery show runs 10.4-11.30.2013
Closing Night 11.01.2013, 7-11pm
Acts: To Be Announced

Gallery hours Fridays 7-10pm & by appointment. October & November only. For appointment, contact

Links and other info

Gemet Gemet

Devin "Gatsby" James

Matt Styner


KRMSN is comprised of the solo act of Jayme Valladares. He uniquely uses his musical, lyrical, and producing skills to combine hip hop in a new style. Mysterious and profound.

Sleepy Creek

My Heart Is A Beast is a collective fine arts exhibit featuring Brigette Romaker, Gavin Eveland, and Sheree Corniel. It is a unique show curated by all three artists and has been a year in the making. This show will feature art works, writings, and quotes exploring science, observation, imagination, expression, and the human condition.

Brigette Romaker creates paintings that rely on science as a way to filter, focus, and understand things she observes either through a rational lens or a more expressive lens filtered through imagination. Within this show, two groups of her studies include Trilobites/Animals and Creatures and
Dark Adaption.

Gavin Eveland is a figural painter who personifies and anthropomorphizes intense expressions. He disarticulates and juxtaposes human and animal figures into dynamic displays of vivacity and fireworks. Concerning this show, his theory is based on the Grotesque. Anthropomorphism of the beast is was with it from the beginning, as inspired by art found in Domus Aurea, a portico villa built by ancient Roman emperor Nero.

Sheree Corniel translates experiences and observations about life, psychology, and science, creating visual stories filled with elements of philosophy, mythology (particularly ancient Hawaiian legends), mysticism, and encounters with personal poetry. She has developed two main styles of work. One is focused on abstractive studies of rhythm and movement influenced by Futurism and the other style is influenced by street art and storybooks.